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In the 21st century, the fourth green industrial revolution using advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, clean energy, biotechnology has been coming, and the development of environment-friendly industry has become the necessity of global new industrialization. The ability to solve the industrial wastewater challenges through the sustainable innovation of technology is the key to dealing with industrial wastewater pollution and overuse of resources.

Who we are

EBOEP is committed to providing customers with systematic solutions for industrial wastewater. We are focusing on customers, working closely with our partners, providing targeted, efficient, energy-saving and stable systematic solutions to meet customers' long-term needs for environmental protection and the sustainable development of enterprises.


We pay attention to innovation, carry out research on new technologies and development, and realize continuous innovation driven by talent strategy. By constantly discovering and solving problems from practice, EBOEP uses accumulated technical experience to meet the challenges of future water resources, and to ensure continuous recoverability of water resources.